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Read excerpts from a Speech by Dr. Óscar Arias-Sanchez, 30 October 2001.

NOTE: This Peace-Words section now has it's own web address: will bring you directly to this page.( note the hyphen between peace and words)

    These Peace-Words pages are a part of "The Peace Maker SiTe". There are several purposes for this site, all centered on providing access to stories and words, in various forms, on peace making and non-violent conflict resolution.

        - The main purpose is to provide a place for authors to share their stories, poems, music, and writings with others. Here you can post works that are shared for free viewing online by any reader visiting the site.   The author may also choose to have these works in a form that can be downloaded for printing as a book or pamphlet to be used for teaching and learning peace making in schools, by individuals, churches, and other groups. Use the links to the right: if you are an author to setup your own Peace Words Pages site or add your works with the registration and submit link; if a visitor to get to know the authors and their works with the view and read link

        - Here you will also find links to other sites where the main focus is peace story telling, through literature and music. Web sites, listings and resources for both children and adult story telling are at Prosocial Arts Listings/Links and Peace Literature Listings/Links Visitors are also welcome to submit links or listings for inclusion for others to find, peruse and enjoy.

        - Forums and mailing lists are also available to promote and facilitate dialog, and help individuals find the appropriate audience for their works. Interaction with other authors and readers may help improve an author's works. If you would like to participate in the forums
        - Other methods of electronic publishing are developing at this site. One is a method for authors to allow readers to purchase a copy of the peace literature for downloading.
        - Yet another purpose: Several projects collecting stories for publication in various forms, including proposals for a book in a major series popular in North America, are accepting submissions at this and other sites.

Author copyrights are honored and no work will be published in any form without permission of the author.

    This Peace - Words pages, as part of "The Peace Maker SiTe" is not a commercial or for profit operation.   However, there are costs associated with setting up and maintaining a website (as many of you know). To help cover these cost some products and services, for which a fee is charged, are offered.  These services are listed in the right hand column on several pages throughout the site and   are marked with {*} to indicate that it is not a free service. To learn the details about these services click on the links.  Some of these services are web page and site hosting, as well as email addresses at several peace and related theme domains. Most of these services are offered at a substantial discount  from the regular cost, and the fees collected are used to defray the costs operating this site.

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Peace Words - stories, poems, songs, about peace, and non-violent conflict resolution
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