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Here is the place to submit and post your stories, poems, music, and other works you wish to share with all visitors to the

    All works posted on these site pages are available to view by any visitor to the PEACE WORDS PAGES. Please put a copyright notice on all of your work posted here.

    The appropriate works, such as short stories, poems, and songs ,  for posting to these pages deal with peace making, peace education, and non-violent conflict resolution in both individual and group relations. ( We will soon have the ability to post music to let visitors hear your works as you created them. )

[NOTE: For those who do not wish to use these forms to create your own set of Peace Words pages, but you would like to submit your work to be included in the Peace Words Pages, we have an alternate method. The webmaster can create and maintain your site. Please click on Contact Us to the left and we will arrange to have your work presented on one of these pages.]

    The first step is to create your PEACE WORDS PAGES site (your set of pages). Click on the Create Peace Words Site button to the left. A set up page will be displayed for you to pick a site name, title, password, and a description of your works and a little about yourself. An email will be sent to the address you provide with your site/login name and pasword, and the URL (the web address) to your set of PEACE WORDS  pages. You may also direct friends and viewers of your work to main page of PEACE WORDS and select the index and then your pages (give them the title you selected). A quick link to the PEACE WORDS home page is   And a quick link to the PEACE WORDS pages index is  
    The current design of each Peace Words Pages site has allows you to have from one to five pages. The first page is for information about the author, the other pages are for your individual works (up to four).  You can set up your site without posting the individual works until a later time.   You can return and edit most of the elements on the pages whenever you like; add an additional work, change the existing works, etc. 
    Descriptions of each field and what you should put in them accompany each entry. You can also click on the sample pages link (on the set up page or from the index page) and a window will open with with the descriptions and suggestions for each element.

Once again we remind you to put a copyright notice on all your work you post here. Although we are working to make it as difficult as possible for someone to copy these pages, and we will never give your material to anyone without your documented permission ,  please note, there is no way we can prevent the page content from being copied by unscrupulous and/or determined viewers. Therefore, we at PEACE WORDS and "The Peace Maker SiTe" cannot be responsible for illegal or unethical use by others of materials posted here.

We realize that over time the nature of a site may change or pages and whole sites no longer exist. Even some of our own links may become broken.   Therefore, if you would like to report a dead or no longer relevant link please contact our webmaster